Digital Inks

Italian Ceram exports a range of colors of Ceramic Inks Digital Decoration that allows the customer to obtain a suitable color space for every need ceramics.

digital inks

Approved and certified by: Kerajet, Intesa, Tecnoferrari, Projecta, Cretaprint, System.

INKS are suitable for all print heads.







Italian Ceram has a wide range of inks for inkjet technology, with great workability and high intensity, as well as, special inks to produce diverse ceramic effects as: sinking – relief, glosses, protection, cleaning of printheads. 

The inks for digital decoration Italian Ceram are ceramic products produced in our facilities and consist of a mixture formed by:

-Ceramic colors ground to a small particle size which in the correct proportion provides the intensity of the inks.

– Different solvents and organic products that in the suitable proportion provide a correct application in the ceramic process. The mixture of the ceramic colors, the solvents and additives must be ground again in special mills to obtain the desired particle size for the application in the inkjet printers with the diverse printheads that today exist in the market.

Our Inks for Digital Machine have many advantages including:

Official approval by the leading manufacturers of inkjet printheads and machines to ensure product quality and performance optimization in production;
Maximum amplitude and intensity of the color range;
Customization of the product;

Greater flexibility for the use of inks, suitable for all types of production; high stability in time;

Rheological characteristics constant over time, which is reflected in an optimal behavior of the inks at the time of loading in the car, in both phases of work during periods of stand-by;

Excellent environmental safety, in compliance with the regulations, to guarantee the health of the operators;
The absence of labeling of risk for the handling and transport.