Informative on the use of Cookies

Italian Ceram S.r.l. websites uses cookies and similar technologies to ensure the correct functioning of procedures and allow a better experience on the use of the website. This document provides for detailed information on the use of cookies and similar technologies, on how they are used on Italian Ceram S.r.l.  and how to manage them.


Cookies are little text file (letters and/or numbers) that allow a web server to store on the user’s browser certain information that can be used again during the online session or when accessing to the same website also after several days. Cookies are stored, based on the users’ options, on the browser of the specific devise used (computer, tablet, smartphone). Similar technologies, such as web beacon, GIF and other forms of local storage introduced by HTML5, maybe used to obtain information on the user’s behavior and the use of services.

This document refers to simple cookies and other similar technolgies as “cookies”.

Type of Cookies

Based on their characteristic and use, cookies can be divided in the following categories:

Technical Cookie

These cookies are necessary for the correct functioning of Italian Ceram S.r.l. websites. Their duration is strictly limited to the duration of the online session (when the browser is closed the cookies are cancelled).

Analytic Cookies

These cookies are used to collect anonymous aggregated data on user’s browse experience and use of services. These cookies allow the monitoring of the system and a better services and functions performance. They can be deselected with no loss of functions.

Profiling Cookies

These are permanent cookies that identify (also on an aggregate anonymous basis) user’s preferences to ensure a better browsing experience. Italian Ceram S.r.l.  websites does not use this type of cookies.

Third Party Cookies

When accessing to a website, user’s browser can receive third party cookies, i.e. cookies that are created from a website (third party) different from the one that the user is visiting (proprietary). The use of the information by “third parties” is regulated by their respective informative notes to which we ask you to refer to. website includes some cookies transmitted by Google Analytics, a service rendered by Google, Inc. (“Google”) to analyze the online traffic. These third party cookies are collected on an anonymous basis to monitor and develop the performance of the website (performance cookies).

Google Analytics uses cookies that are dropped off on user’s computer to analyses on an anonymous basis how the users website (including user’s IP address). Such information are registered by Google, that will use them to complete the report about website activities for Italian Ceram S.r.l. operators. This website does not (and does not allow third parties to) use any Google instrument to monitor and register any identification personal data.

Google does not link the IP address to any other data owned by Google to trace the identity of an user. Google may transfer those information to third parties if so required by law or because such third parties treat them on behalf of Google. For any additional information, please refer to the following link:

The user can at any time deselect Google Analytics cookies, selecting the on its browser the opt-out system furnished by Google.

To opt-out Google Analytics, please refer to the following link:

Which cookies are used by Website and for what purpose.

Type of cookiePurposeStorage TimeConsequences in case of deselection
Technical CookiesAllow a normal websites’ browse and useBrowsing sessionSome functions of the website may stop working
Cookie Google AnalyticsCollect aggregated data about user’s browse experience and use of service to develop and monitor the website performance.Set by third parties, refer to the policy above.It would not be possible for the Data Controller to collect the aggregated data.

Cookies Duration

Some technical cookies are activated as long as the browsing session is on. Some other cookies “survive” the browsing session and can be used at the time of a subsequent access. These are called permanent cookies and their duration is set when created. Sometime they have a limited duration, in some other cases there is no limit. does not use permanent cookies. However, navigating on Italian Ceram S.r.l.  websites, the user could interact with third parties’ sites that may use permanent or profiling cookies.

Cookies Selection

User may decide to accept or not to accept the use of cookies by use the browser’s settings.

Warning: the deselection of all or part of cookies may affect the use of reserved areas of registered users. The access to public contents is always possible even when deselecting all cookies.

The deselection of Third Party Cookies does not affect the access to the website. Settings can be changed on the basis of the sites and web applications. More sophisticated browsers allow to the define different settings for “proprietary” cookies and “third party” cookies.

By way of example, in Firefox, Menu Instruments->Options ->Privacy, it is possible to access to the control panel, where it is possible to select or deselect cookies.

Internet Explorer:

To deselect cookies on the mobile phone, please refer to the related manual for additional information.

More detailed info about cookies on Internet are available at the following websites:

Communication and Diffusion

Collected data will not be object of disclosure and diffusion. Communication to third parties, different from the Data Controller, internal but also external people in charge, people appointed to the treatment by art.29 and 30 of D.lgs. n.196/2003 and following changes and additions, is expected where necessary for the above mentioned purposes to Third parties ( such as suppliers and informatic assistance societies that guarantee portal’s correct operation) committed in the correct and regular prosecution of described purposes. In any case, Third parties treatment will be carried out with correctness and respecting current laws dispositions.

Data Owners’ Rights

Data owners will be able to enforce their rights as expressed by artt. 7, 8, 9 and 10 of D.lgs. June 30th2003 n.196, addressing the Data Controller. Referring to art. 7, the Data subject will be able to have the confirmation or the refusal about the existence of personal data related to him, even if not registered yet, and their communication in an intelligible form. Data owner has the right to obtain indications about: a) personal data origin; b) treatment purposes and procedures; c) logic applied in case of treatment through electronic instruments; d) personal data of the Data Controller, the people in charge and the designed delegates according to art.5 comma 2; e) subjects and subject categories to whom personal data could be transmitted or people who could become aware of them as designed delegate in Country area, responsible or person in charge. Data subject has the right to obtain: a) data update, correction or, whenever interested, integration; b) treated data cancellation, transformation in anonymous form or block in violation of law, included those data that it’s not necessary to conserve, in relation to the purposes for which they have been collected and later handled; c) the attestation that operations at point a) and b) and their content are known by those whom personal data have been communicated or diffused, with the exception to the case in which this performance is impossible or involves means out of proportion compared to the protection right. Data owner has the right to oppose fully or partially: a) to personal data treatment for legal reasons, even though related to collection’s purpose; b) to personal data treatment for sending advertising material or direct sale, for market research’s fulfillment or commercial communication.

Data Controller, Data Processor and privacy communications

The Data Controller is Italian Ceram S.r.l.  with head office inVia Radici in Monte 21/I – 42014 Roteglia di Castellarano (RE) – Italy.

An updated list of Data processors, nominated by the Data Controller in accordance with art. 29 D.lgs. 196/2003 is available in the Data Controller’s legal head office.


Due to changes to our website or rules on cookies, this document may be subject to modification. We may change the contents of this document and of the cookies indicate data any time and with no notice.

The last updated version can be consulted on this web page.